across the rainbow
Hi, my name is Rio,
the same age as Jun & Nino.
I'm working at the game company of Japan.

Jun's fan since 1997, but of course I love 5 of them equally!
My OTP : ShoJun (Sakumoto)

I mainly post some stuff and scans about ARASHI. Feel free to share anything wt me :)

Himitsu no Arashi chan “Mannequin Five Special 2010” Off-Shot

(pics from “weekly tv guide” Sep 2010)

Shinkumi :)

(Photo from magazine “weekly tv pia” 2002)

Shall we show the Zodiac animal that Sho-kun drew?

Yes, we are MAIN! MAIN’s tea party :D

(Photos from magazine ‘POTATO’  1998)

Yuki x Sho <3

(Photos from magazine ‘Wink up’  Feb.1999)

Sho & Mabo ~ sorry for the low quality.
I miss Toudou Ayumi soooooooo much <3

(Photo from magazine ‘tv pia’ 2001)

Bussan & Bambi, the best partner ever!!! :)
(Photo from magazine ‘weekly tv guide’ February 2002)

Taiyou sensei~ <3
(photos from magazine ‘TV pia’ 2003)


One of my favourite Nino magazine shoots.

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